How to Get Start


Don’t ever get rushed into learning anything. That’s why we had designed this course to teach you from the beginning, may be many of other websites did not focus on these topics. But we are here to explain you each step of Photoshop basic.

So In previous tutorial we learn about working space of Photoshop. Now we will tell something about getting started with your projects.

  • Firstly when you open your Photoshop. You have to start up with a new document.
  • To create a new document go to File (in main menu) >  New

Shortcut key to create new doc is Ctrl+N.  Now when you press New or Ctrl +N you will see a panel with some options.


Name is to define name of your project.
In Preset you will get a drop down list which consist of some options like Web,Photo,International paper etc.


If you want to make some print material you can use U.S. paper , International  or photo, then choose appropriate size from Size drop down list.
And for web material just choose Web and choose size of your wish.
You can set size custom  width and length and also choose the units


After that you can see color mode


For beginners it is enough to know that,

  • RGB mode (red green blue) is used to see colors on monitor it is basically used to make Computer Graphics and web contents.
  • CMYK (cyan magenta yellow krypton) is used for printing purpose.
  • The grayscale mode contains only one channel, but unlike the bitmap mode it can have intensity levels from 0 to 255. The Grayscale mode is useful if you are outputting the image to a non color printer.
  • Most common use of the bitmap mode is outputting the image to a black and white laser printer.

Now next to it you can see bit option, 8 bit 16 bit and 32 bit. For now you can understand by this that more in number equals to more in quality but with that more in file size also.

Then below that you can see background color by which you can set background color of your document. Now here you are set to work on your new file.

Save Your Files

In this tutorial we will learn about saving and opening our documents.

To save your document go to File > Save or Ctrl+S ,name your file and by default it will save your file in Photoshop format its extension is .psd.

To save your file in other formats like jpeg , png etc simply click on present format a drop down list will be appear and you can select format of your choice.


  • Save as option : It is basically for saving a copy of your document . you can use it by just Ctrl+ Shift + S or go to File >Save as
  • Save for web and devices: When you want to save something for web, it should be light in size and will be in a proper size , same in the case when saving for mobile, so at that time this option is useful .

saveforweb n device

This window will be open for save for web and devices in which you can choose format, image dimensions, quality and you can see image size in left bottom corner. It will be explain separately in HOW TO SECTION.

Open and close a file

It is simple thing to open a file you can just drag psd file or any image and drop it into Photoshop or you can go to File > Open . Now for photographers who like to have all controls on their photographs there is “Camera Raw“.

Close file to close recent document and close all to close all documents.

camera raw

In this also you can drag and drop your RAW file in Photoshop and before opening your image a pallet of Camera raw will be open in which you did all post processing and then image will be open as normal document for retouching. Camera Raw pallet will be explained in separate tutorial CAMERA RAW.

You can go to 2nd page for the briefly explanation.  


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