Today we all want shortcuts in life so why not in Photoshop? So here we have a lot of shortcut keys to use Photoshop faster and more effectively. You can also download the shortcut pdf file at the bottom of this page. 

File Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 New File  Ctrl N  Cmd N
 Save File  Ctrl S  Cmd S
 Save As  Ctrl Shift S  Cmd Shift S
 Save For Web And  devices  Ctrl Shift Alt S  Cmd Shift Option   S
 Open File  Ctrl O  Cmd O
 Close file  Ctrl W  Cmd W
 Close All  Alt Ctrl W  Option Cmd W
 Print  Ctrl P  Cmd P

Selecting and Moving Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 Draw Marquee in  perfect  shape (square  or circle)  Shift + Marquee  Shift + Marquee
 Draw Marquee from  centre  Alt + Marquee  Option+ Marquee
 Add to a Selection  Shift  Shift
 Subtract from a  Selection  Alt  Option
 Deselect selection  Ctrl + D  Cmd + D
 Reselect selection  Shift  +Ctrl + D  Shift  +Cmd + D
 Inverse Selection  Shift + Ctrl +I  Shift + Cmd +I
 Feather Selection  Shift+F6  Shift+F6
 Move Selection (in 1-  pixel  Increments)  Arrow Key  Arrow Key
 Move Selection (in 10-  pixel Increments)  Shift + Arrow Key  Shift + Arrow Key
 Move Marquee while  drawing selection  Hold Space while  drawing  marquee  Hold Space while  drawing  marquee
 Copy Object  Alt + drag object  Option + drag object

Viewing Document Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 Fit on Screen  Ctrl + 0 or Double click  on  Hand tool  Cmd + 0 or Double click  on  Hand tool
 100% View Level  (Actual  Pixels)  Ctrl+Alt+0 or Double-  Click on Zoom Tool  Cmd+Alt+0 or Double-  Click on Zoom Tool
 Zoom in  Ctrl+Space+ Click or  Ctrl +  (+)  Cmd+Space+ Click or  Cmd+ (+)
 Zoom out  Alt+Space+ Click or  Ctrl +  (-)  Option + Space+ Click  or Cmd + (-)
 Hide all tools and  panels  Tab  Tab
 Hide all panels  except  Toolbox and  Options bar  Shift + Tab  Shift + Tab
 Switch between full  screen  modes  F  F

Layer Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 Create a New Layer  Ctrl + Shift + N  Cmd + Shift + N
 Delete Layer  Delete Key  Delete Key
 View contents of layer  mask  Alt + Layer Mask icon  Option + Layer Mask  icon
 Temporarily turn off  layer  mask  Shift + Layer mask  icon  Shift + Layer mask  icon
 Clone Layer  Alt + Drag or Select  Layer + Alt + Any  arrow key  Option + Drag or  Select  Layer + Option  + Any  arrow key
 Change layer opacity  Number keys  Number keys
 Switching through blend  modes  Shift + (+) or (-)  Shift + (+) or (-)
 Create Clipping Mask  Alt +click between two  layers  Alt +click between  two  layers

Type Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 Select all text on layer  Dbl click on layer  thumbnail  Dbl click on layer  thumbnail
 Select one word  Dbl click anywhere in  word  Dbl click on word
 Select a line  Triple click anywhere  in      line  Triple click anywhere  in line
 Select whole Paragraph  Four Times Click  anywhere  in  paragraph  Four Times Click  anywhere  in  paragraph
 Increase/Decrease size of  selected text by 2pts  Ctrl +Shift + >/<  Cmd + Shift + >/<
 Increase/Decrease size of  selected text by 10 pt  Ctrl + Alt + Shift +  >/<  Cmd + Option +Shift  +  >/<
 Increase/Decrease  kerning/tracking  Atl + Right/Left Arrow  Option + Right/Left  Arrow
 Align text left/center/right  Alt + Shift + L/C/R  Cmd + Shift + L/C/R

Painting Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 Fill selection with  foreground color  Alt + Backspace  Option + Del
 Fill selection with  Background color  Ctrl + Backspace  Cmd + Backspace
 To get Move tool  While in any  painting/editing tool-  hold  Ctrl  While in any  painting/editing tool-  hold  Cmd
 To get Eyedropper with  Paint tools  Alt  Option
 Decrease/Increase  Brush  Size  [   or  ]  [   or  ]
 Decrease/Increase  Hardness of Brush  Shift+[ or Shift+]  Shift+[ or Shift+]
 Switch between preset  Brushes  < or >  < or >

Pen Tools Shortcuts

 Results  Windows  Mac
 Direct Selection tool  while  using Pen  Ctrl  Cmd
 Switch between Add-  Anchor and Delete-  Anchor  Point tools  Alt  Option
 Switch from Path  Selection  tool to  Convert Point tool  when  pointer is over  anchor  point  Ctrl + Alt  Cmd + Option
 Convert path to a  selection  Ctrl + Click on path  name  in path panel  Cmd + Click on path  name  in path panel

Panel Shortcuts

 Result  Windows  Mac
 Show / Hide brush  Panel  F5  F5
 Show/Hide Color panel  F6  F6
 Show/Hide Layers  panel  F7  F7
 Show/Hide Info panel  F8  F8
 Show/Hide Actions  panel  F9  Alt + F9
 Open Adobe Bridge  Ctrl + Alt + O  Cmd + Option + O

Other Shortcuts

 Results  Windows  Mac
 Switch between open  documents  Ctrl + Tab  Cmd + tilde(~)
 Undo  Ctrl + Z  Cmd + Z
 Step Backward  Ctrl + Alt + Z  Cmd + Alt + Z
 Step Forward  Shift + Ctrl + Z  Cmd + shift + Z
 Apply Last Filter  Ctrl + F  Cmd + F
 Hand Tool  Hold Spacebar  Hold Spacebar
 Increase/Decrease value  (in any option field) by 1  unit  Up/Down Arrow  Up/Down Arrow
 Increase/Decrease value  (in any option field) by 10  units  Shift + Up/Down  Arrow  Shift + Up/Down  Arrow
 Free Transform  Ctrl + T  Cmd + T
 Repeat Last  Transformation  Ctrl + shift +T  Cmd + Shift + T
 Rulers  Ctrl + R  Cmd + R
 Don’t Snap object edge  while moving  Hold Control while  dragging  Hold Control while  dragging


Note- To switch between the tools present in same icon.
Holding SHIFT and then pressing letter will switch the tools in same icon.
Hold down Shift key and press letter “L” the Lasso tool will be select. Now press L again now Polygonal Lasso tool will be selected.

Selecting Tools

Tools  Windows  Mac
Move  V  V
Rectangular Marquee
Elliptical Marquee
 M  M
Lasso tool
Polygonal Lasso tool
Magnetic Lasso too
 L  L
Magic Wand tool
Quick Selection tool
 W  W
Crop tool
Slice tool
Slice Select tool
 C  C
Eyedropper tool
Color Sampler tool
Ruler tool
Note tool
 I  I

Retouching & Painting Tools

 Tools  Window  Mac
Spot Healing Brush tool
Healing Brush tool
Patch tool
Red Eye tool
 J  J
Brush tool
Pencil tool
Color Replacement tool
Mixer Brush tool
 B  B
Clone Stamp tool
Pattern Stamp tool
 S  S
History Brush tool
Art History Brush tool
 Y  Y
Eraser tool
Background Eraser tool
Magic Eraser tool
 E  E
Gradient tool
Paint Bucket tool
 G  G
Dodge tool
Burn tool
Sponge tool
 O  O

Shape Tools

Tools  Window  Mac
Pen tool
Freeform Pen tool
 P  P
Horizontal Type tool
Vertical Type tool
Horizontal Type mask tool
Vertical Type mask tool
 T  T
Path Selection tool
Direct Selection tool
 A  A
Rectangle tool
Rounded Rectangle tool
Ellipse tool
Polygon tool
Line tool
Custom Shape tool
 U  U

3D Tools (In Photoshop extended only)

Tools  Windows  Mac
3D Object Rotate tool
3D Object Roll tool
3D Object Pan tool
3D Object Slide tool
3D Object Scale tool
 K  K
3D Camera Rotate tool
3D Camera Roll tool
3D Camera Pan tool
3D Camera Walk tool
3D Camera Zoom
 N  N

View Tools

 Tools  Windows  Mac
 Hand tool  H  H
 Rotate View tool  R  R
 Zoom tool  Z  Z

Photoshop Shortcuts PDF FILE!!

Download  and Share Tool Tutorial with your friends through social and other medium would be appreciated!

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