By name you can understand these tools are for selecting. It may be image, color selection , a part from image or you can use it in any way as you want to select.
So here we have SEVEN sets of tools in this section : Move tool, Marquee tool, Lasso tool, Quick Selection and Magic wand tool, Crop tool, Perspective Crop tool and Eye dropper tool.



Move Tool

If you are working in Photoshop then you have to remember move tool as soon as possible. Now why I am saying this is because to move and select anything in your document it will...

Marquee Tool

The marquee tool is a selection tool which allows you to select a part of image in rectangle and ellipse shape, it also provide single (1 pixel) row and column selection. Click and hold your...

Lasso Tool

Another type of selection tool like other it will also help you to select desired portion of image. Now if it is just another selection tool then why we need to know about it? It is...

Quick Selection and Magic Wand Tool

These tools are fastest tools in terms of selection, but now accurate for every condition. These are widely used in editing work, so who are interested to have a career in editing have to...

Crop Tool

You clicked a lovely pic with you girl friend and from side some unwanted person put his nose in it. ! Now here is a tool to solve this problem instantly. Crop Tool is...

Perspective Crop Tool

In this tutorial we will learn about perspective crop tool. This tool is added in CS6. It can be used in different ways, to fix distortion or  perspective problem in images and you can also...

Eye Dropper Tool

It is one of the selection tools, but not the selection of image or its portion. It select the color from desirable area from your image. Now when you select this tool and click...