We can see spots on Moon and it looks good, we never thought about removing these spots.But if we see a single spot or pimple on our face, it became most important issue for us.
So in this tutorial we will see how to remove scratches, spots etc.

Wait! Are you thinking I will tell you something about facial cream or some home remedies to remove spots?
Na Na Na! Here we will discuss how to retouch our pics in Photoshop and remove spots from our photographs. Here are Six retouching tools, which will be explained in this chapter.



Spot Healing Brush Tool

This is one of the retouching tools, by the name you can understand that it is used to treat wound, scratches etc. Where you will find it? In tool bar you will find all retouching tool...

Healing Brush Tool

It is another retouching tool of Photoshop. In previous tutorial we learn about Spot Healing tool, so how healing tool is different from spot healing tool? Basically when we are using spot healing tool we...

Patch Tool

Patch tool is one of the retouching tools. Actually previous two tools Spot healing and Healing also do same kind of work but three of them are used in different situations. You will find it...

Content Aware Move Tool

A new retouching tool introduced in CS6, Gives you control to recompose the image again. You can do some serious task or can have some fun time with this tool. By this tool you...

Red Eye Tool

Many time we got a problem with our photographs, that when we fire flash during capture we got devil eyes in our photographs, that is known as red eye. You will find this tool...

Clone Tool

You can understand it by an equation "Clone + Stamp = Fun + Editing" By this tool you can take clone of an area in image and at the same time apply it on another...