Clone Tool

You can understand it by an equation “Clone + Stamp = Fun + Editing

By this tool you can take clone of an area in image and at the same time apply it on another area of same image. Now why I give that equation in first line, that’s because you can have lot of fun with this tool and it can be helpful to retouch and edit you images.You will find it in tool bar, it share the cell with Pattern stamp Tool.cl2

I will explain it with a fun example. Here an image, now I will do something funny with this which you saw many time on many funny websites.cl1

Now let us see how I did this, Firstly I choose a size of brush according to my source are, here my source is his eyes. Press Alt and click to define the source and then your brush has that clone in it, click where ever you want to apply that clone.
Here I am applying clone below the eye only.cl3

Same like that I take clone of other eye , nose and lips and apply it by clone stamp tool on my desired areas. Hope you get some help from this tutorial. Use it for fun and editing.

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