Healing Brush Tool

It is another retouching tool of Photoshop. In previous tutorial we learn about Spot Healing tool, so how healing tool is different from spot healing tool?

Basically when we are using spot healing tool we are just moving it on spot and spot gets removed.But in healing tool firstly you have to specify a patch, which will be applied on that spot or desired area which you want to repair.You will find it by holding one of the retouching tools, these all are present in a single icon. Shortcut Key is “J”. he1

Now how to use it?
I will explain it by an example, Here  a pic of a sweet girl but she has some scratches on her face, gifted by her little brother 😛


Firstly select healing tool and if you try to use it directly on an image a message window will appear according to which firstly you have to define a source by clicking alt which will be used to repair the image.he3

Now see how to define source, Like I have to remove this spot.

So firstly set the brush size according to the spot area, then press Alt key and click on the nearest source area.(while you pressing alt cursor shape will get change) and each time define different source for different spots.he5

Now your healing tool brush has this defined source texture just apply it by clicking on spot to repair it.he6

So here we get finished with this tutorial.

Hopefully this tutorial helps you. Ask your Questions related to topic below in comments bar.
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