Spot Healing Brush Tool

This is one of the retouching tools, by the name you can understand that it is used to treat wound, scratches etc. Where you will find it?sh1

In tool bar you will find all retouching tool and one of these will be Spot Healing Tool.
You can see anyone of them in tool bar, then just click and hold it to see all five retouching tools. Shortcut Key is “J”.

Now quickly come to its working : 
Like you apply a cream on a wound or spot, same like that select this tool and click and move your cursor on your target area. Here is an example to explain it, I have an image of this boy and I want to remove this spot from his face.sh2

Select Spot Healing Brush > Click and start moving it on that spot (it will look like dark area building up where you move this tool)


And here we have our result, Spot Has Been Removed!!


Use this tool and show some magic to your friends!! 😉

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