This menu is full of creative tools, these tools give you lot of space to show your creativity on your photographs. There are some options to rectify your image and some are to put effects in your image, you can play with your image, enhance their attraction or make fun of your fellows with some funky ideas.



Filter Gallery

In today's fast going life we want everything just with one simple click. So this filter gallery is just another addition to your ease. From here you can select any filter or effect for...


You will find this in Filter menu, as we mentioned in filter that it's all about creativity in this chapter.  Its feature is same as its name, it will let you work on your...

Advance Liquify

When you click on advance mode in liquify window, you can see some more options and tools. They will give you much control and creative options for better results. After checking it you will get...

Vanishing Point

It is one of the important filter or you can say an important feature of Photoshop. It is like virtually working according to the perspective of photo. For example you have many online applications...

Advance Filter

Previously in this chapter we covered filter gallery and Liquify, now in this tutorial we will learn about advance filters.  We have many predefined filters likes range of blur effects, noise, pixelate and many...