Photoshop is popular for two kinds of work, one is for photos editing and other is for artistic creations. In this tutorial we will learn about basics of painting tools, with the help of these you can use Photoshop’s Work space as your canvas and Tools as your colors and brushes. We will learn about these tools in separate tutorials, below you can see links for these tools.



Brush Tool

Brush tool is widely used in Photoshop. Not only for painting, brush is used in many segments of Photoshop. So get familiar with it to use Photoshop easily. Like other tools it also has...

Brush Panel

In past tutorials we learn about some brushes and their options. Now we are getting into some advance options of brushes. It will be same for any type of brush tool as it defines...

Pencil Tool

It will be one of the smallest tutorials in this course 😉 It is a simple tool same as brush tool. Again it is like virtual version of your real world pencil. Now main difference...

Color Replacement Tool

Ever happen to you, a nice photo but you wanna change color of your shirt? Or you wanna match color of balloon with your kid's cloths? There are many situations in which you want to...

Mixer Brush Tool

In this chapter we are learning about painting tools and many of us like to mix up our colors on canvas, create some textures with multiple colors or produce some new color by mixing...

Gradient Tool

Before gradient let us see solid color, it means a Simple Swatch of color. It doesn't have flow or depth in it. Like here we have a single solid color Dark Blue. In contrast...