Layers are most important thing in Photoshop working. Actually layers make Photoshop different from many photo editing software.

Now how can we understand layers?

You can compare it by a sandwich! 😉 Like a sandwich is made with layers and you can change or modify its each layer like bread or inner material adding more cheese in between layer. Oh! its getting more yummy 😉 Okay, coming back to Photoshop just like this you can make your projects in layers and can change each layer individually anytime.


So Let’s start Second Chapter :



Basic of Layer

In this tutorial we will learn working of Photoshop layers. As in chapter introduction we explained little about these layers. Because of these layers Photoshop became much more than a editing software. Layers make...

Layer Style

In last tutorial of Basics of Layer we learn about layers and working of layer panel. Now we will come up to some interesting options of layer. Wanna add style to your creations, shape or...

Blending Mode

Blending images is something like mixing some ingredients to have a final dish with blend of flavors in it. For an example we have some mangoes, dry fruits, milk, ice cream and we blend...

Adjustment Layer

In simple words adjustment layer gives you freedom for color correction in an advance way. Somehow you can say adjustment layer is Addition of color correction and masking, we will discuss these topics in...

Smart Object

Are you ready to become smart? Wait, are you thinking that I will give some tips for smartness, your hairstyle or your dressing sense 😀 No no No here we will learn how to use...