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In last tutorial of Basics of Layer we learn about layers and working of layer panel. Now we will come up to some interesting options of layer.

Wanna add style to your creations, shape or text?
Wanna add some depth to your objects?
Here we have Layer Style in layer panel by which you can give style or some effect to your images or creations. These styles can be applied to any type of layer whether it is rasterize, text or shape. These styles work magically, without much efforts you can take your creation to a next level.
Usually you notice glow, shadow or outline on graphics and text, most of the time designer use Layer Style only.
May be it looks like a shortcut, but every style or effect have some options by which you can have all controls over the setting of effects or style. Like you can control in which direction shadow have to be cast , or how much a shadow have to be sharper.

So let us directly jump to its working.
You can see ƒx written on its icon which usually denotes Effects.You will find its icon in bottom side of layer panel.ls1

When you click this icon you can see some options. These options are different type of layer styles or you can say effects. Every effect has different options to control it. There is a separate window for layer style from where you can see all option of each effect and can select or deselect effects from there only. As explained in Basic of layer tutorial you can make it visible or invisible by clicking eye.

Let us learn these styles with some examples

Glow Layer style is layer style which is frequently used in graphic works. Here is an example of outer glow. It will give better results on dark back grounds. You can play with its options to have desired output.ls7

Now I will quickly show you an effect with Outer Glow and Contour option in its quality section.

I just change its contour and have some new Text effect.ls8

Motive of this is to encourage you to play with these options, As this is a basic Course we don’t want to get you confuse but will be get back to you with Effects and get updated by Subscribing our Youtube Channel.

Here is another example to show some styles
Here I am using shape from our logo of, now I have to give some depth some shadow to enhance it and make it ready to look as our logo.


Now I want some embossed effect on it, so I will choose Bevel and Emboss from layer style list.ls3

When you click it you can see a new window of layer style with an active section of bevel and emboss and your shape has been embossed. But game is not over there are lots of options in this layer style window you can play with these options and get desired output. Every option is understandable with its name.


Now here I only increase its depth and other this are as default, but you can change its style technique and play with other options and you will understand its use.

And now you can see all other styles in this window only and you can apply as many styles as you want on a single layer. So now I want some shadow on this shape, so just click on Drop Shadow and Drop Shadow will be active and you can see its option straight away on Layer style window.


Here we have our output with shadow. In this I increase distance to make shadow visible and play with its size to make shadow smoother. You can also change angle, opacity etc to get your desired output.
Here are more options like Color overlay, pattern overlay, satin and gradient overlay. These options works like you are placing something on your object.

For an example you are laminating your book whether it is translucent textured colored or opaque lamination.

Here is a live example of color overlay other will work like this only with some different options. In this image you can see I apply color overlay with Orange color and you can adjust overlay opacity by opacity parameter.ls9

Now one style which will be frequently used is Stroke, it basically add outline to your shape.

Here I give stroke to a text by which you can understand its working. You can change size and color of stroke. Can define its position and like all other can play with options.ls6

Here we get some basic overview of layer style which is enough to give a start to your creative ideas.

Briefly explanation of layer style on Second Page, Press 2 Below. 


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