Getting Start With Photoshop


Firstly an overview about Photoshop. It is a all-in-one software to complete your all needs regarding Print or Web Media, whether you are professional, beginner or just looking to edit your personal pics. Photoshop is for you.

We are not only in market to teach Photoshop. But we are committed to teach it to you in a professional manner. We are focusing on Step by Step method So, Don’t jump to last step in first stage. Just follow us by learning all tutorials as per our Course Module.

So here we are getting started with Photoshop.
Now before mixing up with tools and techniques let us know about how Photoshop looks likes and about its works space.

Getting starts overview

Main menu :
On the top of the screen you will see Main menu. It includes File, Edit, Image, Layer, Type,Select etc, so it is actually a “Main” menu as from here you get access to every feature of Photoshop.

Option Bar :
Below main menu you can see option bar, it is a dynamic bar which will change according to the selected tool. Every tool has its specific option by which you can have control over it .

Tool Bar :
It includes all tools by which you can create anything. Tools are set in different types like selection, type ,painting ,shapes and retouching. Tools are most important thing to be learned in any software as by that only you can create or manipulate anything.

Canvas :
By its name it is clear that it is the place where you can create your projects. This is your working area where you can create what you want.

Floating Docks :
These docks can be move anywhere according to your comfort. Every panel can be converted into floating dock.

Layers : 
Layer is again an important part of Photoshop. As the name you can understand that you have to arrange your project work in layers. It is really fun to work on layers and it make your work much simpler. You can properly organize and execute your work by the help of layers.

It is just an overview of Photoshop and its Work space, these options are base for your Photoshop learning .So in coming tuts we will explain their proper working in detail, we want you to get familiar with these and then get start with your creations.


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