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In this tutorial we will learn about how to set our workspace according to our need, how to set size of your canvas and other settings related to our document. Firstly we will learn about Workspace and how to arrange it You can understand Workspace by like your working environment, for instance you are doing painting, so you want tools and everything according to that only. Same like that Photoshop gives you some presets for workspace like Painting, Photography, and Typography. Every workspace is designed according to full fill your specific need. Choose workspace from window>workspace


You can make your own workspace by arranging docks according to your need. And save your new dock by clicking on New Workspace. Arrange multiple canvases You can set multiple canvases according to your need. There are some presets which will help you to arrange your canvas. Go to window > arrange and choose one of your desired preset.


For instance normally you can see names of all canvases on a bar and can select them to see them. ( It is default but if you chose any other then select “Consolidate All to Tabs” to arrange all canvas like this)


But if you want all of them set in a way that you can see all of them at a same time then you can choose any other option of arrange, here I will choose “6up”


So this is how you can arrange your multiple canvases according to need. Viewing Modes You have three viewing modes


Canvas and image size Canvas size and image size are two different things. If you increase or decrease the dimension of canvas it will only affect canvas not the size of image But if you change image size it means you are changing size of your image. How to change canvas or image size Firstly drag down the canvas tab and make floating canvas.


There you can see canvas size and image size, you can set your desired values for image or canvas size. Then , right click on tab of image window.


In image size window you can set pixel dimensions and it will automatically adjust document size which will be your desired output size. Shortcut for image size window is  Alt+Ctrl+ I. Below in window you can see Scale style, if it is selected your effects also get resize in same proportion. Select Constraint Proportion to have changes in width and height in same proportion.


Now Canvas Size window. Shortcut is Alt+Ctrl+C. In this you can set dimensions for your canvas, which is your whole working area. On Top you can see current size and below you can give new size to you canvas.


Hopefully this tutorial helps you. Ask your Questions related to topic below in comments bar. Share Tool Tutorial with your friends through social and other medium ( would be appreciated! :)You can go to 2nd page for the briefly explanation.  


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