ToolBar Overview

This is important pallet in which you will get all tools by which you create anything what you want. Whether it is retouching, creating graphics, editing etc. These tool are only way to get your work done.Photoshop tools are very much easy to use, firstly just understand their working and then start to explore them …

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Now when you open , save , import or export anything in Photoshop one thing always matter that is their Format. Formats means type of file, sometime some formats open in only specific software only. Like .psd file only opens in Photoshop for re edit. But sometime these formats can be import in other software, …

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All your creation comes to life through colors only. Whether it is digital or printing, colors are the only medium through which anyone can see your creation.Color brings life to anything, makes something meaningful. Color is essence of every creation. We can’t imagine our world without colors or with only monochrome. Our eyes need colors …

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Image Size and Resolution

Hey it is very rough image, image is not clear. Can I have print of photograph taken with my 2 megapixel phone cam? So let us answer you, your every question is related to image size and resolution. In day to day life we click pics, we share , we create graphics and most initial …

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Rasterize Images

In last tutorial we learn how to start with new document , saving and opening it. Now before coming to Photoshop Working we will learn about some terms which will be regularly used in Photoshop or in many of photo editing software. Firstly we will understand what type of software is Photoshop. Photoshop is a raster …

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Workspace & Canvas

In this tutorial we will learn about how to set our workspace according to our need, how to set size of your canvas and other settings related to our document. Firstly we will learn about Workspace and how to arrange it You can understand Workspace by like your working environment, for instance you are doing …

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How to Get Start

Don’t ever get rushed into learning anything. That’s why we had designed this course to teach you from the beginning, may be many of other websites did not focus on these topics. But we are here to explain you each step of Photoshop basic. So In previous tutorial we learn about working space of Photoshop. …

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Getting Start With Photoshop

Firstly an overview about Photoshop. It is a all-in-one software to complete your all needs regarding Print or Web Media, whether you are professional, beginner or just looking to edit your personal pics. Photoshop is for you. We are not only in market to teach Photoshop. But we are committed to teach it to you …

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