Basic Course


Advance Filter

Previously in this chapter we covered filter gallery and Liquify, now in this tutorial we will learn about advance filters.  We have many predefined filters likes range of blur effects, noise, pixelate and many more. You can also download and install filter plugins from 3rd party sites. In this tutorial we will see working of …

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Vanishing Point

It is one of the important filter or you can say an important feature of Photoshop. It is like virtually working according to the perspective of photo. For example you have many online applications in which your photo is inserted automatically in a frame in a correct perspective. Now if you get in those online …

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Advance Liquify

When you click on advance mode in liquify window, you can see some more options and tools. They will give you much control and creative options for better results. After checking it you will get some new tools and options. In these controls you can see save mesh and load mesh had added. In tool …

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You will find this in Filter menu, as we mentioned in filter that it’s all about creativity in this chapter.  Its feature is same as its name, it will let you work on your images as they are liquefied and you can easily transform them in the way you want. Working Select Image layer > …

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Filter Gallery

In today’s fast going life we want everything just with one simple click. So this filter gallery is just another addition to your ease. From here you can select any filter or effect for your photo, and then if you want to play with effect, then Photoshop gives you all controls for that. Unlike other …

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Clipping Mask

Another type of masking is Clipping Mask, it is different from layer mask but work is again same, you are controlling transparency of desired areas in an image. You can understand like that, you are seeing something from a shape. In this type of masking you create a mask layer for your working layer and …

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Layer Masking

Some people make masking a complex topic, but I am telling you it will be most useful and easy topic for you. Firstly what masking means in Photoshop, in simple words you can understand it by selective transparency. One important fact of masking is ” Black = 0% and White = 100%” Now for what …

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Camera Raw

Before coming to Photoshop let us see what is raw, where you find it, and why it is different from other formats.  Raw is a camera format, you can usually find it in DSLR camera or these days in bridge cameras also. Raw can be defined in 3 words that is “as it is” as …

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Color Adjustment

In this tutorial we will learn about adjusting colors of our images and how to balance colors. We have many aspects of colors in a photo and Photoshop provide us all controls to adjust colors of our image. Before starting this tutorial have a look on Colors tutorials so that you get familiar with the …

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Text to Shape

You can convert your text into shapes. Just right click on text layer and click on “convert to shape”. Now your text is build up with anchor points and you can modify it with direct selection tool and pen tool. After you convert text into shape you can’t use any text options like font, font …

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