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Blur, Sharpen and Smudge

These are three more editing tools in which we don’t apply paint on image, but they effects the colors which are already presents in image. You will find them in a single cell in tool bar, you can see the last used icon and to see others just click and hold that icon. Blur By name …

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Dodge, Burn and Sponge

These tools have their different roles which will be explain in this tutorial. Where will you find them? They share a single cell in Tool Bar. You will see last used tool and to see all three just click and hold on little triangle on the icon. Shortcut key for all three is “O”. Start with …

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Clone Tool

You can understand it by an equation “Clone + Stamp = Fun + Editing” By this tool you can take clone of an area in image and at the same time apply it on another area of same image. Now why I give that equation in first line, that’s because you can have lot of …

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Red Eye Tool

Many time we got a problem with our photographs, that when we fire flash during capture we got devil eyes in our photographs, that is known as red eye. You will find this tool in tool bar by click and hold any of its group tools. It is one of the simple tools. Here I …

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Content Aware Move Tool

A new retouching tool introduced in CS6, Gives you control to recompose the image again. You can do some serious task or can have some fun time with this tool. By this tool you can say Photoshop is getting smarter day by day. Let see what content aware tool is all about. You can find it …

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Patch Tool

Patch tool is one of the retouching tools. Actually previous two tools Spot healing and Healing also do same kind of work but three of them are used in different situations. You will find it in toolbar or by click and holding one of its partner tool which ever is showing in tool bar. Let us …

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Healing Brush Tool

It is another retouching tool of Photoshop. In previous tutorial we learn about Spot Healing tool, so how healing tool is different from spot healing tool? Basically when we are using spot healing tool we are just moving it on spot and spot gets removed.But in healing tool firstly you have to specify a patch, …

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Spot Healing Brush Tool

This is one of the retouching tools, by the name you can understand that it is used to treat wound, scratches etc. Where you will find it? In tool bar you will find all retouching tool and one of these will be Spot Healing Tool. You can see anyone of them in tool bar, then just …

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Gradient Tool

Before gradient let us see solid color, it means a Simple Swatch of color. It doesn’t have flow or depth in it. Like here we have a single solid color Dark Blue. In contrast to solid color, by gradient you can understand flow or mixing of one color to other. This technique of coloring is …

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Mixer Brush Tool

In this chapter we are learning about painting tools and many of us like to mix up our colors on canvas, create some textures with multiple colors or produce some new color by mixing two or more. So to convert your real world painting into virtual Photoshop we have a tool called as mixer brush …

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