Magic Eraser Tool

Hey anyone lazy presents here, this tool is for you. You will find it in toolbar within the group of eraser tool. When you select it cursor will change into its icon shape. Now quickly comes to its working :  Just click it on area which you want to erase, and it will erase it …

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Background Eraser Tool

This is advance eraser tool used in editing. It share single cell in toolbar with eraser tool and magic eraser tool. Background eraser tool is used to remove background with just one click and drag. Let see how it works : When you select this tool your cursor changes to a circle and a plus …

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Eraser Tool

From childhood we do mistake and there is always an eraser to correct it. Same in Photoshop we have an eraser to erase something which we don’t want. Shortcut is “E”. You will find it in tool bar : Its working is same as a brush. Just click and drag over the image. It will only …

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Blur, Sharpen and Smudge

These are three more editing tools in which we don’t apply paint on image, but they effects the colors which are already presents in image. You will find them in a single cell in tool bar, you can see the last used icon and to see others just click and hold that icon. Blur By name …

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Dodge, Burn and Sponge

These tools have their different roles which will be explain in this tutorial. Where will you find them? They share a single cell in Tool Bar. You will see last used tool and to see all three just click and hold on little triangle on the icon. Shortcut key for all three is “O”. Start with …

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