Shape and Pen Tool


Text to Shape

You can convert your text into shapes. Just right click on text layer and click on “convert to shape”. Now your text is build up with anchor points and you can modify it with direct selection tool and pen tool. After you convert text into shape you can’t use any text options like font, font …

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Pen Tool and Paths

Previously in this chapter we learn about basic shapes and how to modify shapes. Now in this tutorial we will learn about pen tool which is one of the most important tools and we will also learn about paths. Firstly we will see, what is pen tool? How it works?¬†Where you will find it? You …

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Direct Selection Tool

In last tutorial we learn about shapes, now how to make changes in these basic shapes? For that we have direct selection tool by this we can select anchor points of shape and can change the curves with the help of handles. You will find it in toolbar, it shares its place with path selection …

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Basics Shapes

In this tutorial we will discuss about basic shapes which you will find in tool bar as tools. They share a single cell in toolbar, you can see last used tool as icon and then click and hold it to see other tools.¬†Shortcut key is “U”. (for all shortcuts go to Photoshop Shortcuts) Let us …

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