New Year Effect (Text)


So this tutorial is dedicated to New Year only.  So, HappY NeW yeaR in advance.  🙂

Objective of Tutorial – You will learn practical use of Layer Style and with that how to use different brush for giving design.
Output of this tutorial will be this :

unusual xmas card


So now let start with this tutorial
Make a New document with dark background.

Now write your Text with champignon font (Present in Project file folder)
Here I am writing Happy New Year 2014

Now we have some Artistic Flora Brushes so use them to make design and it should be in flow with the font. ( you will get these brush sets in Project file Folder )
Firstly make a new layer (Learn about layers in Layer Chapter)


Then select brush tool and from option bar choose your desired brush.( Learn More about brush in Brush Tutorial)


Now I cant use this brush in its default angle or size, so in Brush Panel I Flip its Y axis , and adjust its size according to my need and in some situations you have to also change the angle of brush.



Now make text layer and design layer a single Smart Object.
Select both layers, right click and select convert to smart object.
Now lets start with the Layer style.
Before this I will suggest you to go through Layer Style Tutorial.
Firstly select your smart object and select layer style from layer panel, after that choose Gradient Overlay.
Note- By this you can change gradient at any time and get better controls afterwards.


Set the gradient color in Gradient editor and you will see that gradient on your text design.
Now similarly give Bevel and Emboss effect
Style- inner bevel, Technique – Smooth
Depth- 145% up
Size-3 Soften -5
Angle -145 and Altitude – 25
Highlight mode -Color Dodge, Color – White and Opacity- 50
Shadow Mode – Multiply, Color – Black and Opacity- 100


After that Outer Glow to give it a spark
Blend Mode – Screen
Opacity-100 Color White
Technique – Softer
Spread -40 Size – 3
Anti Aliased Checked
Range – 40%


Now Drop Shadow to give some depth in composition.


Blend Mode – Multiply, Color- Black, Opacity -100
Distance- 5 and Size – 20


After these you have this output, now make Duplicate of this layer.( right click on layer and select Duplicate)
Now firstly make its Fill = 0 as we want only effects from its layer style to give better shadow and highlights.
In this off the Outer glow and drop shadow
Make following changes in Bevel and emboss as per below in image.
Depth- 370, Size – 2, Soften -5 angle – 120 Altitude – 30


Now we got some mode depth just like that make duplicate of this layer.
Bevel and emboss changes
Depth -150 , Highlight mode opacity 25 and Shadow opacity- 50
Make duplicate of original design layer, Place it on top ( now convert it into smart object and then again rasterize the layer )
Give Gaussian Blur on it from Filter with 8 Radius. ( Learn about filters in Filter Tutorial)
Now turn Its Blending Mode to Screen.
It will give a smooth glow feel to whole design.


After this all we want something more on it just like Icing on the cake.
So now firstly I will give a Night City background, you can give according to your desire.


Now to give some depth in whole composition I will give lens blur to background.
For that select City layer (make it rasterize) > go to filter > Blur > Lens Blur


I am adding some spark on design , I have Lens Flare png image so I just have to place it.(you will get it in project file folder) and with that I am adding champagne PNG on corner.
I am changing their colors by hue and saturation (learn it from Color Correction tutorial.)


Now its almost done, you can add your pics and now in last just do some color correction with Exposure Adjustment Layer (Learn more about it in Color Correction).


So our final output is here you can add your own images in place of these boxes :

unusual xmas card

So here we have our output hopefully you get help with this tutorial, try it and give surprise to your dear ones. Again Happy New Year to all our viewers!! 🙂


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